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7 Tips On How To Rebrand Your Local Business

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rebrand local business

7 Tips On How To Rebrand Your Local Business

Rebranding could be done for a few reasons. Maybe you have expanded your service or products, changed the location of your business, or are looking for a way to boost sales. Whatever your reason, a rebrand can be very beneficial to your business. However, it involves a lot of hard work and it can sometimes be a risky venture.

rebrand local business

Include Your Audience

Whether you are trying to reach an entirely new audience or just expand your current one, including your audience in your rebrand is a good way to show your customers that their opinion matters.

It is a good idea to do surveys with your current clients to find out which aspects of your business they like, and which parts they would be glad to see change.

Social media is a great tool for gaining feedback from your customers, as well as reaching new ones. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways to reach a broad audience with your request for feedback on your rebranding. You can also use a request on your website with a tool like Hotjar.

Keeping the customers in mind while you make decisions for your rebrand will make them feel important and keep them coming back to your business.

The Best Way to Rebrand Your Local Business: Go Slowly

Do not change too much about your business too quickly. Smaller changes that involve your customers will help them continue to feel attached to your brand and ensure that you do not lose their business.

If a name change is necessary for your rebrand, try to retain some piece of your original business name. Be sure to prepare for a name change by doing lots of research on your competition to avoid choosing a name too similar to another business. You should also ensure that your potential name is available on whichever social media accounts you will be using. It is important to have the same name on all fronts to ensure that your customers can easily locate you.

It is also important to remember that changing too much too quickly can negatively affect your SEO. You don’t want to risk your ratings dropping and losing potential customers. For more information on how to manage your SEO during a rebrand click here .

Changes to Your Google My Business

Unless your rebrand includes a complete change of the products and services you offer, you should avoid opening a new listing on Google My business. If your rebrand is minor, you will only need to update your original listing. Ensure that the following information is accurate:

Business Name. If your rebrand included a business name change, this will need to be updated.

Categories. If your rebrand means that your services and products have completely change, this will change.

Address & Phone Number. If your business changed location during the rebrand, this information will need to be updated.

Logo, Photos, and Videos

You will need to upload your new logo, and you will also want to encourage people to take new photos of your business after your rebrand has launched. You could even include a 360-degree virtual tour of your business to show off the changes.


Make sure that these are still relevant to your business. If they no longer apply, remove them.

Accurate Citations

Your citations, or the sites that carry your business’s details, need to be contacted in order to update your business name, address, and phone number. This ensures that customers can easily locate and contact your business.

Public Relations

Make the most of your rebranding by involving the local press. You can hold an event at your business to attract the attention of your customers and the local journalists. Even online businesses can hold a press release and celebrate the launch of their rebrand.

So, whether it is a minor change or a complete rebrand, bear these tips in mind and you will surely find success in your rebrand movement.

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