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Black Friday Sales | Why You Should Take Them Seriously

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Black Friday

Black Friday Sales | Why You Should Take Them Seriously

There are the shocking statistics: Every year, Black Friday events pose more of a risk than do shark attacks. It  is more popular than any amusement parks or movie theaters!   But then there are statistics that make business owners perk up, ones that you need to take seriously. Here are a few reasons why you should take it seriously!

The Stats Explain it All for This Holiday Season!

Black Friday begins a season of shopping which accounts for 30% of all sales. That’s right, 30% of the year’s sales.  Mobile spending generates $1 billion in sales on its own. Black Friday sales have grown more than 3% each year since 2014.  That is a lot of sales that can add up for your company!

Why Could You Take Black Friday Seriously as a Business

And when you consider that each consumer plans to spend more than $1,000 on gifts, decorations, and holiday hosting—businesses would be foolish to overlook this opportunity to push its goals and reach new customers starting the day after Thanksgiving.  So, make sure to take every opportunity you can to make sales this Black Friday! You would not want to miss this!


Black Friday

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