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Black Friday | Tips for How Every Business Can Win Big!

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Black Friday

Black Friday | Tips for How Every Business Can Win Big!

An astounding 174 million people shopped between Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, according to the National Retail Federation. As a result, preparing your business now for the hustle and bustle can help you avoid issues and end the year with some huge gains. Follow these tips for how every business can win big and capitalize on this bountiful weekend.

1. Get Things in Order to Win Big

Will you need to implement different processes? Do you need new employees? If so, now is the time to streamline training and educating existing staff on all the particulars of Black Friday practices.

Take time to create a calendar to schedule your social media advertising regarding the upcoming boom. Also, consider making checklists and timelines to help your business manage preparations and the likely increase in customers.

Not to mention, taking time now will help you better be able to enjoy your own holiday festivities without scrambling.

2. Make Sure Everyone’s on the Same Page

Now is the time to decide which products to feature, promotions to run, and marketing campaigns to roll out. Decide which promotions you will run where—social media outlets, email campaigns—and how those will be implemented now. As a result, this can help ensure that it all unfolds seamlessly.

The earlier you begin preparing the more likely you will be able to run split testing.  You can also determine which marketing campaigns will be the most successful on certain platforms.

3. Don’t Wait to Engage with Customers

We have all seen the fallout from Black Friday shopping events that have failed to meet customers’ expectations. Do your best to avoid this by engaging with them early on—send out surveys to find out what they expect and what they’d like to see from your business. Enable them to have quick access to a representative should they encounter any issues.

Give them an opportunity to plan their shopping with you by offering them advanced notice of particular deals and specials that only loyal customers get. Likewise, engaging early and in a meaningful way before the busiest shopping weekend of the year can increase sales.

Black Friday

4. Close the Sale

Did you know that close to 70% of people abandon their online shopping carts? Furthermore, being transparent about shipping costs, having multiple payment processors, and giving them a “checkout as guest” option can help seal the deal.

Most importantly, ensure that the payment process actually works and isn’t frustratingly difficult. Customers will abandon your site for one that streamlines the process. So, testing this before a catastrophic Black Friday or Cyber Monday event can save you a lot of headache.  Also, it can save your from losing sales.

5. Expect the Unexpected in Every Business

Even the most prepared business can encounter difficulties on such popular shopping days. Consider having a session in which the team helps trouble shoot potential issues—key employees getting sick, shipping overseas, dealing with the extra workload, a popular product selling out. All of these situations can be handled smoothly with thoughtful preparation, allowing the team to bask in the glow of a well-executed Black Friday weekend.

Contact us to see how we can help your business prepare for Black Friday!

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