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Customer Service 101

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customer service 101 washington DC

Customer Service 101

No matter how digitized our world becomes, customer service is and will always be a thing. In fact, nowadays with everyone so much more tuned into their phones, it may matter more than ever. It’s important to know the basics: Customer Service 101. Competition is tough in the Washington, DC metro areas including Northern Virginia and Maryland and customer service matters.

Even if they never think it, they’ll subconsciously remember the way they felt when they went to your place of business. Here’s how to make customers feel at ease.


1. The goal of the receptionist is to greet customers and to make their next appointment on their way out. Phone calls for appointments and clinical questions should be handled behind closed glass. This is fundamental respect for the peace and privacy of the in-person customer as well as the customer on the phone. In fact, telephone skills are so important we have a page dedicated to just Telephone Skills 101!

2. Greet Customers. All office staff should smile, greet the customer by name, offer them water and show them that they are important.

3. Wait Time. Basic: Let customers know how long they will wait when they check in and keep them posted. Best: Manage so that wait times are virtually non-existent.

4. Professional conversations with patients. Engage when they approach you and ask how their experience was today. Don’t make idle conversation if they did not approach you, don’t comment on controversial topics. Listen actively (more than talking) and be pleasant and professional at all times.

5. Follow up with Customers. Contacting customers the day after their appointment is one of the most powerful customer service tools that can be deployed using all sorts of technology. Find out how customers want to be contacted and follow up that way.

What’s the big deal anyway?

It’s easy to dismiss customer service as just something you “have to do.” But it’s not just a checkmark on a list. Customer service is your business’s face to the world. And in a time when people are increasingly choosing not to engage, it’s all the more important for professionals to face people head on with a smile. Download our full Customer Service 101 checklist below!

In addition, we offer in-office customer service training for your office staff . Ask today for a customized plan to get your business where it needs to be!

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