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Cyber Monday | 5 Strategies to Win More Sales Online

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cyber monday

Cyber Monday | 5 Strategies to Win More Sales Online

Taking advantage of the desires of some to avoid the hectic hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, Cyber Monday has grown to a massive shopping day, boasting more than $6.5 billion in sales. S0, don’t be intimidated into thinking that a small business cannot compete with the Big Guys. There are still ways to offer your customers exclusives that will get them clicking and checking out. To reap the benefits this Cyber Monday, try these five stellar ideas.

One Day, Only Online

Think big. Think 50% off shipping, a small percentage off the whole cart, or some other great deal that is too good to bypass. And don’t forget to limit it only to Cyber Monday, cyber exclusive.

Create Suspense with a Countdown to Sales Online

Cart abandonment is real (more about that later), so anything you can do to get consumers to commit to their purchases can help, especially on a day when consumers are super distracted. Set up a countdown to remind online shoppers that the time to use their exclusive deal is now. Tap into that Fear Of Missing Out with a countdown from Shopify or CountdownTo.

Reward Email Subscribers to Get More Sales Online

Give your loyal customers, and get new ones, by offering newsletter subscribers an exclusive offer. So, this strategy kills two birds with one stone—loyal customers feel like they’re getting a deal that others aren’t, and new customers are enticed to sign up to receive your emails. Your business can even reward these clients by allowing them to have access to Cyber Monday deals early.

cyber monday

Deals by the Hour

Another creative idea is to offer deals each hour. Alert customers to upcoming, exclusive deals that will expire soon if they don’t take advantage of them. This also capitalizes on FOMO.  It also keeps online customers returning to your site to check out what great deal is coming next. If you don’t want to offer a different discount each hour, consider offering a different small bonus to each order.

Get Them to Check Out

The reasons shopping carts can be abandoned are distraction, clunky checkout process, lack of guest customer check out, and unwillingness to commit to a purchase. So, you should set up a process to remind users of abandoned carts, sometimes distractions take them away! Consider offering them a tiny discount to return and complete their purchase. On the front end, make sure that you’ve tested your payment processors for efficiency in the checkout process.  Furthermore, It’s one thing to remind a distracted customer to return.  It’s quite another to convince a frustrated customer to put up with a website that gives them a bunch of hoops to jump through.

Happy Selling!

Thanksgiving weekend inaugurates a flurry of great sales potential. We hope these strategies help you tap into success. If you’re thinking of revving up your business’s ability to reach new heights, contact us today to see where you can grow.

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