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Lessons From 2 Years of Digital Marketing and SEO in Washington DC

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Lessons From 2 Years of Digital Marketing and SEO in Washington DC

Two years ago, the three of us came to a realization that so many businesses needed help with their digital marketing. 

We created a tech company that gets personal. We work with clients in-person with a connected-to-your-business account management while using the strategy of a national-ranked expert to funnel more customers to your business from the internet. 

We started out exclusively working with high-end cosmetic medical practices to now working with highly-technical professions that needed to match their in-person expertise with their online reputation. We also started local, and still are primarily local, but now have clients outside of the Mid-Atlantic region. We started out as a three person shop and now are at 14 on both the digital and account management teams.

Capital Practice Consulting started with three clients and now has helped over 70 businesses with their digital footprint. We’ve learned some easy and hard lessons on the road to becoming a legitimate business (only in the statistical sense) since we strive to be the best digital marketing and SEO team nationwide every day.

1) Investing in Your Digital Marketing Has Consequences

Let’s start with the positive consequences of investing in your digital marketing! First, all of our clients maintain a 5 to 10 x return on investment for services with us. That is by far the best return on investment versus any other media that our collective clients have tried over the years.

Many have seen a radical change in how they do business–once based on referrals and now the internet dominates their phones. Before we entered the picture, for some clients the internet was a scary place or a source of anxiety about how to handle promoting their reputation online. Clients are engaged with their business, how it appears on the internet, and know we handle the details right for them.

However, we have clients that find out quickly that they have operational issues as a business. Maybe they need more staff, better staff training or different office operations. Great digital marketing and SEO will make you so busy that you can’t ignore flaws in your business model.

2) Digital Marketing and SEO Does Not Stop Evolving for Business

In the past two years we’ve seen a new evolution of Google Search. Did you know that Google’s new mobile-first indexing means that the mobile version of a web page is used first for indexing and ranking?

While Google does not have a mobile only index that’s separate from the desktop index, the mobile-first move is important because increasingly, users are using more mobile devices.

Google’s search engine is now more sophisticated and uses a more natural language algorithm called RankBrain to prioritize content.

Social media platforms have emerged to benefit many different industries; NextDoor, Alignable, Houzz and even one we’ve been helping to launch, Like Me With Thumbs Up! YouTube can no longer be ignored by businesses. As the second largest search engine on the internet, we encourage clients to create video content.

3) Consumers Have Changed How We Market Businesses Online

Now 80 to 90 percent of all purchase decisions start on the internet. Consumers prefer to use mobile phones to search the internet even when a desktop computer is present. Next year it is estimated that people will spend more time on the internet than watching TV.

What does this mean for marketing? The expensive TV ads, radio ads, and magazines aren’t producing great results for businesses.

What has worked for the last decade is quickly changing in marketing. Marketing agencies, PR agencies and traditional media agencies are changing or dying. Nearly all TV stations now run digital marketing campaigns. They see the writing on the wall, the future is on the internet with digital marketing.

Disruptors in Digital Marketing and SEO in Washington DC

Somewhat of a phrase thrown around these days–disruptor of an industry. However, we are asking businesses to move away from the idea that your digital marketing team runs your website from afar.

We want a personal relationship with clients that bonds their marketing to their business goals. Every client should have a digital marketing plan that shows a return on investment.

A website and domain are now the most valuable assets that a business owns, ask how Capital Practice Consulting can help your business online today.

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