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eCommerce SEO | Top 10 Tips to Get More Sales Online

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eCommerce SEO | Top 10 Tips to Get More Sales Online

eCommerce SEO is crucial for your business to be successful.  However, it can be hard to find success if you don’t know which practices are the best and most beneficial.  SEO is like a big competition. Did you know that most clicks go to the top results on a search engine? According to a study done by Chitika over 32% of the clicks go to the top search result itself. Here is a short guide of seven tips for how to make the most of your website’s eCommerce SEO.  

Use Strategic SEO Keywords for Your eCommerce Site.

Keywords are very important for eCommerce SEO. When people go to google and type in their search, those keywords should bring them to your website, your products and services.

A good way to narrow down the search is by using ‘long tail” keywords. Furthermore, this means that your keywords are usually 4 or more words together and more specific. These long tail keywords lessen the competition and make it easier for your audience to find your website.

You can utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner or SpyFu to aid your in your research of keywords. This will help you choose keywords that have a good search volume and lower competition.

What Does the Best On-Page eCommerce SEO Look Like?

It is important to utilize keyword placement. This means that your homepage should contain terms specific to your products and services. You should also place keywords in prominent places like your page title, URLs, headers, product descriptions and much more. However, remember to keep your content high quality and avoid just throwing keywords into places they don’t belong.

Keep your eCommerce SEO Mobile-Friendly.

Most people today use their mobile phones for internet access, including searching for business and products. So, it is very important that your website is mobile friendly. This ensures that people can easily navigate your website.

Also, Google uses mobile friendliness as a factor for website rankings, so if your website is not mobile friendly, you can expect negative effects. For more tips on how to improve your rankings read this article.


eCommerce SEO

Site Structure and Speed Optimization.

Make sure that your site structure is easy to navigate and loads quickly. You should always remember how to keep the users experience in mind when building your website.

A tool like GTmetrix can show you what your website’s speed performance is, identify any issues and offer advice on how to fix any problems. Now, lets consider off page SEO.

The Importance of Links .

Links are very important. They help people find your website, but they also affect your Google ratings. You should begin trying to earn links from good, quality websites and avoid spam, or paid for links as this can have a negative effect on your ratings.  Therefore, make sure to understand the importance of SEO over paid for clicks.

Submit to Directories.

Make sure that your business information is listed in as many important directories as possible. Keep the listing update and accurate. Google looks for consistency in the information listed, so keeping everything updated and congruous will help your visibility on search engines.

Be Active on Social Media.

Use your social media accounts to benefit your business with eCommerce SEO! So, you should make sure to be active with posts, link your website, and encourage people to share your content. Social media is a great marketing platform. Likewise, you should take advantage of that tool.

Ask a Professional for Help.

I admit, it does seem like a daunting task, but eCommerce SEO can lead to huge success for your business. Therefore, if you are ready to improve your eCommerce business’s SEO, contact Capital Practice Consulting and let’s get started today.

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