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Email Marketing | Four Key Features to Success for Your Company

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing | Four Key Features to Success for Your Company

The power of email is undeniable—more than 30% of consumers have purchased something based on reading an email title alone. Here are four ways to make your email marketing a proven conversion assent in your repertoire.

Have Enthusiastic Consent for Email Marketing

No one likes a flooded inbox, so make sure your emails are only going to consumers who are interested in what your company offers. It’s a no-brainer to avoid spam-like activities, but go a step further to offer consumers double opt-in options as well as a clear way to unsubscribe if that’s their decision.

Email Marketing

Time Emails Right

Make a schedule of content to send out.  Send emails at regular intervals (enact an email drip campaign), and use automation to remind consumers of things like full carts or content they’ve engaged with a lot.

Format Emails to Be User Friendly

Formatting is probably the most important aspect of a successful marketing email. Emails should represent the voice and personality of your brand, and feel genuine. A well written subject line can make the difference between an email engaged versus deleted, though don’t go overboard and promise something your email doesn’t deliver.  

Small details can have huge impact as well. Keep the overall format simple, and use alt text for images in case they don’t load properly.  Also, make sure to make it mobile friendly.  Lastly, Send the Emails to yourself to ensure that everything looks okay.  

Continual Refinement for Email Marketing

In order for email marketing to continue to yield results, it must be refined over time. This means looking at analytics to see which content performed well. Look at click rates, open rates, and popularity of content. Consider using A/B testing to find out how certain emails perform against one another.

Finally, as more clients engage with your emails, tailor the content they receive to their particular needs. And think about rewarding clients who are long term subscribers.

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