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3 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

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first time home buyer tips ashburn

3 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers can often feel overwhelmed when searching for the perfect place.

Below are the three biggest tips to help you set yourself up for success to enjoy the process of finding your first home.

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#1 Understand Your Finances

  • Checking your credit score is of huge importance when buying a home. It directly dictates your interest rate on your home purchase and affects your options as far as financing on a house. If your credit score is low, you may want to reconsider your timeline.
  • Speak with a mortgage broker and a financial advisor in order to understand a reasonable amount that you are interested in spending on a home is crucial.
  • Factor all extra living expenses when considering your budget and stick to your budget when searching for homes.

#2 Hire Professionals

  • Interview real estate agents in the area until you find one who you feel understands what you want, appreciates your financial situation and who has a strong knowledge of the market.
  • Reach out to mortgage brokers and find someone who is able to be a sounding block for your financial well-being.

#3 Prepare for Your Move

  • Reach out to moving companies ahead of time and shop around for the best rates and a trusted company.
  • Prepare for the time that moving may take- hire babysitters, take time off of work or reach out to family or friends to help.

Jin Chen is a co-owner of Community Real Estate Group at Pearson Smith Realty and a dedicated real estate agent.

Jin is a top performer who understand the Ashburn market and is passionate about helping people find their dream home.

To contact Jin and set up a meeting call her at (703)625-4779 or email jinchen@gmail.com.

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