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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that you are an expert in your field and we want to help you understand how to make good investments in your internet infrastructure.

Will I have to redesign my website?

Your practice website is more than a beautiful source of information. Search engines read the content, photos, and videos among several other factors to decide how to rank you against your peers. Depending on the age and format of your website, we recommend a WordPress website with a mobile-enabled site. We are willing to redesign your website or work with a designer of your choice.

Do I have to generate the content for your social media posts?

One of our main advantages over the competition, is that with our close ties to industry and depth of experience, we will need minimal input to generate your social media and blog posts. As the expert, you are welcome to have as a little or as much input in our posts as you desire.

How often do you blog or post online?

Content and updates are critical to improving your organic search ranking on search engines. Therefore, we post new content several times per week to your blog and social media accounts.

Who will own the website and content you create?

You will own and have access to everything that we create. We work with you and for you.

Do you have an hourly rate for individual services?

We believe strongly that there are three pillars of success: increasing online visibility, understanding financial benchmarks, and  in-office execution. Without one or more of these pillars, you may not reap the benefits of your investment in your website. Therefore, we do not offer hourly rates for individual services.


The first task in working together is assessing your current office needs, ambiance, and procedures. We then help you understand your financials, set-up patient retention and recall programs, and improve staff training.

The most powerful patient recruitment tool is now the internet. On search engines, 90% of consumers scroll past paid ads. In addition, 90% of consumers won’t click past the first page of search results. Therefore, improving your organic search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo is critical to recruiting new patients. We help you showcase your expertise and present a cohesive brand to potential patients online.

We audit your current website for search engine optimization.Based on our findings we may recommend that the website is fine, needs a mobile page, or complete redesign. We provide customized websites or work with web designers of your choice.

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