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Getting Started with Telemedicine during the Coronavirus Shutdown

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setting up telemedicine during the coronavirus

Getting Started with Telemedicine during the Coronavirus Shutdown

The ability to communicate virtually has become a necessity as our world adapts to new strict regulations due to COVID-19. Similarly, telemedicine and coronavirus have become linked as a vital way for patients to be seen by a doctor from a safe distance.


Telemedicine makes it easy to connect with your health care professional during this time where many are nervous about potential COVID-19 symptoms.

Video chats are often the easiest way to talk to a professional at the first sign of illness.

This is important when you consider that many patients seek medical help only once their symptoms have become severe.

The ease of scheduling a virtual visit can be a lifesaving strategy to catch symptoms of coronavirus early in order to begin treatment sooner.

Reduce the Spread

As the world quarantines in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, telemedicine encourages those who are ill to seek medical help from home.

The ability to receive medical assistance through a video chat decreases the likelihood of infected persons spreading the virus simply by visiting a medical office in person.

Managing Patient Volume

Coronavirus has come at a time where doctors already see an influx in patients due to seasonal illnesses such as the flu.

Virtual visits make it possible for physicians to manage their schedule more effectively in order to account for an uptick in patients who need to be seen.

Video consultations can be a quick, efficient, and practical alternative to the traditional visit, especially for busy doctors whose time is so valuable during this pandemic.

In fact, a virtual visit only takes about 10 minutes.

Moreover, doctors are able to prescribe medication, fill out insurance information, and follow up with patients all through their virtual technology, which saves so much time in the long run.

Telemedicine and Coronavirus

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