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HIPAA and Social Media Warning for Medical Practices

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HIPAA and Social Media

HIPAA and Social Media Warning for Medical Practices

With its wide reach, social media allows medical practices the opportunity to engage with patients. Done right, it can dramatically increase your business. However, the ease of posting content and interaction with patients can lead to accidental violations of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). We can help you navigate HIPAA and social media for your medical practice!

HIPAA and Social Media

HIPAA and Social Media Photograph Consent Forms

Photographs, for example, are an important aspect of effective social media content, but they can easily reveal sensitive patient information. Responsible use of photography in social media promotion requires consent. In addition, be sure to retain of the rights to photography. Diligently reviewing content for information that reveals a patient’s identity and condition is vital to maintaining the integrity of HIPAA on social media.

Differentiate Personal Social Media Personas from Professional Ones

Personal social media use must remain distinct from one’s professional social media presence. The promotion of a medical practice on social media requires more restraint and clear boundaries. Providers should take care to avoid revealing any sensitive patient data. Such as, the type of procedure or when it occurred, in their responses to patients on social media while promoting services.  Engaging with patients on social media can be an important asset in advancing business goals when balanced with respecting the boundaries of the patient and provider relationship.

Post on Social Media with A Plan

The most effective social media content arrives on a consistent basis and engages potential patients with varied content. Social media promotion reveals creates an identity for the business. This can generate more clientele. Attention to the safety of its patients’ personal health information is paramount. While tedious, it promotes a healthy image for providers intending to grow through HIPAA and social media content.

Approval Process for Responding on Social Media and HIPAA Violations

Many practices find it helpful to provide employees with a set of procedures for posting and responding to social media interaction. Staff members can use guidelines to be alert for potential HIPAA and social media violations. In addition, a streamlined code for social media content aids in projecting the desired image. As well as, safeguarding against compromising patient health data.

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