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How to Find Trending Hashtags in 7 Your Industry

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How to Find Trending Hashtags

How to Find Trending Hashtags in 7 Your Industry

Hashtags (phrases following a #) are a great way to increase your business’s visibility on social media. Pick the right hashtags, and you can expect more followers and more engagement. Pick the wrong ones, and you’ll experience stagnation. So, how can you find trending hashtags to help market your business? We’ll break down some quick tips on hashing out hashtags.

1. Look to Influencers

Chances are that influencers in your industry are clued into the most popular and relevant hashtags already. Take to Twitter or Instagram, and check out some influencer posts. From there, you can explore the hashtags influencers are using and figure out which are most relevant to you.

If you’re not aware of influencers in your industry, you can search for hashtag streams. Use the search function to type in your general industry, say #plasticsurgery, and then explore posts with this hashtag. There you can see the hashtags that other popular posts are using.

Hashtagify.me can point you toward influencers in your industry and the hashtags they use by searching a hashtag. You can filter posts by certain data points like number of followers, popularity, etc.

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2. Focus on Your Niche

To really distinguish yourself from your competitors it helps to be specific. Therefore, you’ll want to look at broad trending hashtags first, and then focus on your trending niche hashtags.

Hashtagify.me is useful for this as well, since it lets you look at related hashtags. RiteTag is a great place to identify hashtag trends, and they offer a lot of cool stats.

3. Find Hashtags That Are Relevant On All Platforms

You can great unity with your posts by isolating hashtags that work on all your social media platforms. Tagboard does this very thing. When you search a hashtag, you find out who is using this hashtag and how they’re using it across multiple platforms. You can identify what’s relevant to your audience.

4. Tailor Your Hashtags to Goals

How to find trending hashtags can be made easier by identifying some concrete goals. Sometimes you need your posts to be seen right now. Other times, you may need a post to perform over time. On the other hand, you may need to build a bigger following on Instagram. Well, hashtags can help you meet these goals if you choose the right one.

RiteTag is great for determining which hashtag performs best for certain goals.

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5. Take Advantage of Twitter Trends

A great way to see what’s trending on Twitter is provided by Twitter itself. Twitter generates these recommendations based on your followers, your location, and your interests.

The benefit to these is that they are what is relevant at the moment. You can click on the trending hashtags and explore their posts to get more info about the conversation surrounding them.

You can also adjust your location to find out what is trending elsewhere if that’s something you need to take into account for your business.

6. Explore Hashtags.org

Hashtags.org is an extremely popular hashtag exploration tool that gives you lots of data to mine. From searching a hashtag, you can learn its definition, its 24-hour trend graph, the people who use it, recent tweets, and related hashtags.

Hashtags.org does keep some information unavailable to free users, but there’s still enough info to make it worth the visit.

7. Get Creative

Look, no one knows their customers or audience better than you. No one knows your business better than you do. So, take some time to brainstorm your own great hashtags. It’s useful to keep track of these hashtags in a working document. You can monitor your success with them over time.

Thoughts on How to Find Trending Hashtags for Your Business

Making use of all the different tools we’ve acquainted you with can take a little time. However, this time will be well spent in terms of increasing your reach on social media. We hope showing you how to find trending hashtags can increase your visibility on social media.

If you’d like to take the guesswork out of finding the best ways to market your business on social media, contact Capital Practice Consulting today. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and social media management for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic.

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