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4 Toughest HR Solutions Solved | Human Capital Washington DC

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4 Toughest HR Solutions Solved | Human Capital Washington DC

One of the most common complaints from healthcare providers is that their staff are unmotivated. Typically underpaid and overworked medical practice staff represent a real problem of human capital in Washington DC. Below are 4 Tips to Solve your human capital issues.

human capital washington dcThe Human Capital Issues in Washington DC

Unhappy or unmotivated employees is arguably the number 1 issue faced by doctors. If you’ve read studies about negative online reviews, then your office staffing problems can quickly spill over into public complaints. There are 3 types of staff; ones that need structure, ones that need motivation, and others that are unwilling to change. Our solutions will go encourage all three types of personalities and allow you to determine with confidence when staffing changes need to be made.

#1 Financial Incentives to Encourage Staff

Right off the bat, the number one way to motivate your staff is to put your money where you need extra help. If you have a goal to sell 20 topical creams, reduce the no-show rate to less than 10%, or recall patients then put money to a goal. You’ll be amazed to see your staff hustle to meet the goal.

#2 Use Payroll Services to Refresh Your HR

You may not know that your payroll can come with HR solutions. If you can’t find your employee manual or haven’t updated it in several years it is time to invest in HR resources. You’ll want this document handy when employees are showing up late or using cell phones while at work. There should be verbal and written warnings attached to repeated workplace violations. You must provide structure and a clear set of guidelines before you begin to give out punishments to employees.

#3 Adding Headcount Does Not Change Low Performing Employees

Many doctors believe that buy adding another person the office will be more productive. Not true unfortunately. Adding headcount will only exacerbate any business issues. Instead of increasing productivity you will increase your costs. It is difficult as a provider that cares about people to let them go. If tips 1 & 2 hasn’t worked, you should begin to look for a replacement.

#4 Interviews Can Ignite Productivity

Employees can realize that when you begin interviewing their job is at risk. You may notice an improvement in job performance. You will also notice that there are many good candidates out there. Ultimately it will be your decision if and when to terminate.

#5 Termination as a Last Resort and Clean Slate

Termination of an employee should always be a last resort because of the liability and cost involved in retraining. However, termination can also reset the office culture. Employees become aware that you are willing to let low performing people go. In addition, the new employee can breathe fresh life into the attitudes of more senior employees.

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