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Did You Just Invest in a Website and Can’t Find It?

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Did You Just Invest in a Website and Can’t Find It?

Making the decision to invest in a new website is a big one!

Many times we focus too much on the graphics and design without investing in the functionality of the website.

Web developers vs. SEO professionals

At Capital Practice we are a rare team of both web developers and SEO experts. Our web development team focuses on the beauty and function of a new website.

The new project is then handed to an SEO expert that focuses on optimizing the content for Google to find you.

After you’ve hired a web developer

A recent client came to us with a brand new WordPress website that could not be found on the internet.

The web development team set up the new website but spent no time adding critical back-end components: meta titles, meta descriptions, alt titles, and a whole host of mistakes! We fixed them up and within a week they received more calls than ever!

Content and Social media management

Once you’ve fixed the issues on the back end of the website you need to add content. If you are a new business, this can be a daunting task.

However, it is critical that you continue to invest in your rankings by adding blogs, pages and other high-quality content to your website.

Ask us today to perform a free audit on your web visibility and website!

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