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Marketers Need to Focus on These Three Questions in January of 2019

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Marketers Need to Focus on These Three Questions in January of 2019

Whether you exceeded your goals or fell short in 2018, the New Year presents an opportunity to reassess what you’ve done so that you can maintain course or get things back on track.

But after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s hard to know where to begin in the midst of recovering from scrambling to meet goals and/or making merry for the season, so locating that source of motivation can be a challenge.

Trying to analyze what you’ve done last year without a clear plan can be a huge time suck, so we’ve compiled a few questions that can help marketers find productive starting points for 2019.

1. Why Was 2018 a Success (Or Not) for Marketers?

Simply asserting that the previous year was a success does not do anything to guarantee that your success will be repeated. It bears dissection.

How did particular people, operations, or technology contribute to your success? Furthermore, analyze the year for areas that weren’t as strong as they should be.

After all, there is always room for improvement for any kind of marketers.

Now, for those who begin the year on a more dismal note, it is doubly important to put the year under the microscope for weak points.

This is not going to be fun, but it’s hard to right the course if you don’t have any idea how you got off track in the first place.

Knowing this will make any difficult discussions about productivity slightly easier to handle.

Action #1: Write It Down

As soon as you can, marketers should write it down because life doesn’t slow down. Of course, all of this is made easier by having a record.

That goes for the previous year’s analytics, as well as an assessment of success or failure.

Action #2: Don’t Let Failure Block Progress

Failure is part of the creative process. The key is what you do after you have failed: will that discontent propel you to make smart changes? Or will you allow it to immobilize you?

Action #3: Do Your Research

Don’t rely solely on your own assessment of the year’s highs and lows. Look to your team members, your superiors, your customers, your mentors. Allow their opinions and critiques to inform your understanding and way forward.

2. How Can Your 2018 Analysis Propel You to a Better 2019?

Your report needs to not only allow your team to see where your processes need improvement but also how they can be improved upon. Let the first part of the report highlight what did work and what didn’t.

Then follow through with how this can inform your focus for 2019. Even if your plan isn’t incredibly detailed, it gives your team (and your superiors) confidence that a clear focus predicts improvement.

3. With Whom Do I Need to Dialogue?

Who can give you productive feedback about the report? Do particular team members have skills that will further flesh out general concepts for your new plans? Do major changes need to be discussed with a superior?

A report of this importance can’t work well in a vacuum, so be prepared to embrace conversations on its major points.

Ready, Set, Go

Looking at what went wrong last year isn’t fun, but it’s absolutely necessary for growth. Rather than feeling deflated, try to reframe this process as an opportunity to achieve greater success in the future.

And even if motivation is in short supply, digging into these questions can provide discipline until your motivation surges again.

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