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Meet Your New Marketing Partner | Artificial Intelligence

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Meet Your New Marketing Partner | Artificial Intelligence

Imagine having the ability to anticipate customer desires and market demand. In addition, your business has a real-time response to social media trends in your industry. You could capitalize on the market trends instantaneously.

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Emerging Technologies in Artificial Intelligence

Ever since Watson was featured on Jeopardy, the tech industry has been investing in artificial intelligence programs. Some recent start-ups featured in the Harvard Business Review are just the beginning of an emerging industry. Someday you could have a program that monitors your marketing campaigns, search rankings and connects your customer database to your phone calls, leads and ultimately makes you more aware and efficient.

How Technology Makes Winning Business Easier

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, free web traffic tracking programs on the market. You can see how people find you, visits to certain pages, and how many people come from social media.


Bitly and other link-tracking programs allow you to track specific campaigns or efforts online to see what ads are the most effective.

Eblast Software

In addition to complying with US anti-Spam laws, eblast software allows you to have visibility and track people interested in your services or products.

WordPress PlugIns

If you have one of the most popular website systems on the internet, WordPress, there are plugins for everything. From forms to SEO you can facilitate a better web experience by adding to your website! If you don’t have a WordPress site or need website design, today is the day to invest in your best marketing asset.

Phone Call Tracking and Recording

There are inexpensive ways to track and record phone calls for quality assurance.

Specialized Software

Almost every industry can get specialized software that tracks leads and helps your office stay organized. Of course most of these softwares can be expensive, so choose wisely!

Unified Marketing Washington DC

The most important aspect to being effective in your marketing efforts is having a team that utilizes many ways to track and determine the return on investment of your efforts. Until artificial intelligence is real, you need human intelligence to help you beat out the competition.



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