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How to Motivate Your Staff | 4 Tips to Improve Your Sales

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How to Motivate Your Staff | 4 Tips to Improve Your Sales

Every business owner at one time or another has struggled with their staff. Whether its one of the best teams or a toxic work culture, there are a few key ways that every business owner can motivate and improve the sales production from the staff.

1. Incentive Compensation: Reward to Improve Sales

Giving Employees rewards for their hard work will pay big dividends in your business. Employees are always looking to make more and so are business owners! Allow employees to earn rewards for the business and sales they close. Putting together the best incentive compensation plans requires a great understanding of your revenue, costs, and goals. For this reason, it can be a very daunting task.

2. Clear Directions and Expectations to Motivate Staff

Is your employee manual up-to-date? Do you have an employee manual? Basic rules of conduct and performance reviews? If you answered no to any of the questions then today is the day to put these resources together! You can’t expect employees to perform to your expectations if you have not clearly communicated expectations preferably in writing and in person.

In the book “Good to Great” Jim Collins explains how one of the most important qualities necessary to grow a company from “good to great” is the ability to speak “harsh truth.” He explains how harsh-truth-speaking is the only way a company can gain needed blind-spot insights—so the company knows what’s holding it back from greatness. Because harsh-truth-speaking is so essential to growth, companies that are run by nice, empathic, trust-worthy bosses tend to be the ones which grow from “good to great” —because employees are less afraid to harsh-truth-speak to them.”

3. Great Marketing Pieces to Make Sales

While print marketing is dying, having great sales tools is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Giving your sales people before and after pictures or testimonials can make a big difference when closing a deal. In addition, packaged pricing and authorization to give discounts can mean the difference between selling $10K and closing nothing.

4. Education

Finally, investing in your people will pay big dividends. Whether they are interested in industry-specific trainings or actual sales seminars, encourage them. Give your main sales people a budget to invest in education programs every year.

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