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New Google Ads you need to know about | Google Posts

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New Google Ads you need to know about | Google Posts

Imagine a new way to advertise your business. It’s not a static Google Ad either! Google has now given businesses the space to put a picture and article explaining why someone should pick your business! In addition, you can create campaigns to promote different areas of your business. Ask us today how we can help you put together a cohesive campaign to grow your business.

What Are These New Posts by Google?

Posts by Google is a feature that allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google which appears highly ranked in Google search results.

Posts by Google was first launched in January 2016 for US presidential candidates to use, with the posts appearing in a card-like format.

In March 2016, Posts by Google were launched again as a beta for select businesses to use with a card-like format showing at the top of search results.

In March 2017, Google opened the program to movies, museums, sports teams and leagues in the US and Brazil. Musicians in Brazil were also invited to participate.

There’s no way to access actual Google Posts from the Google Posts home page. These only appear within search results, when triggered by searching by name for people and businesses approved to use the system and only available for limited amount of time and for campaigns. Our test results with the new cards have been powerful!

For more about Google Posts, see our infographic below:


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