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The Sky is Falling! Penguin 4.0 Shakes Up Google Search Rank

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penguin google update

The Sky is Falling! Penguin 4.0 Shakes Up Google Search Rank

Google announced this week some major changes with how it handles “punishments” through Penguin for websites trying to game the search engine rankings. Since search rankings are 100% dependent on Google’s algorithm a major change can send chills down even the most seasoned expert’s back. Before you panic, read our tips below.

penguin google update

  1. Don’t Cheat the System, Ever!

    Google handed out punishments starting a few years ago for websites that had bogus back-links. You would get the scarlet letter of “SPAM.” If you hired a team that moved your rankings up because they paid for tens of thousands of fake links, you probably noticed when Google punished you and the rankings dropped. For some websites, the punishment lasted for years by way of lowering your search ranking. There are still SEO teams that use these strategies, so buyer beware! There is NO substitute for high-quality back-links.

  2. Penguin Dynamic Updates

    Google has said that updates to Penguin is now dynamic. What could take 10 days or weeks for your website to be crawled and re-ranked now happens very quickly. This is actually good news for most websites. If you are updating your content frequently it will now get picked up faster. In addition, if you were once on the receiving end of punishment, changes will be recognized faster.

  3. Google Contained Punishment

    This announcement is the second, recent announcement from Google on punishments. Google also announced that “Spam” labels would be more granular. Therefore, instead of labeling entire websites as “Spam” they would decide page by page. Again, another positive change for websites on the blacklist. You will have a chance to improve your rankings page-by-page

  4. Evaluating Low-Performing Pages

    A great SEO team is always evaluating your rankings page-by-page. You will naturally have high-performing and lower-performing pages. It is good SEO policy to not only be adding new content, but also be improving your current content on a regular basis.

  5. Make a Clean Break From Your SEO Team

    Finally, if your SEO team is lazy, uninformed, or uses bad practices this is the time to make a clean break. Don’t wait for your rankings to continue to fall or stagnate. Now is the time to get a great team on your side. Ask today for our free audits

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