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Social Media 101: How To Get More Customers Marketing Online

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social media washington DC

Social Media 101: How To Get More Customers Marketing Online

How To Guide for Getting Started with Social Media

social media washington DC 101When you are starting a company or looking to grow your company, you may not have the funds to hire a part-time marketing person or consultant. Let’s distinguish this from someone running a $1 million plus business. If you are at $1 million in revenue and above, do not hesitate to hire a marketing team. At that point, you are able to focus on running the business and leave the marketing to a professional. However, if you have the time to manage your own social media or an interest in understanding the process, then let’s get started with the best practices for Social Media Washington DC.

Social Media Washington DC and Digital Marketing Strategy

Start with a digital marketing plan for the next 12 months. Then revolve that plan around your website. Every social media post should in some way link to your website or other social media accounts. Engage and keep them entertained on your website!

Download and print Social Media 101!

Start Here: Website Blog Post

  • Write on a topic and connect to a keyword “Best Business”
  • Make sure keyword is in the title, H2 “header,” url and in the article content
  • Add keyword to the meta title and tag the topic
  • Add a photo and put the keyword in the Alt code

Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Medium

  • Catchy title (but not kitchy) different than the blog post title that entices someone to click:

“Have you heard of the top 5….?” “One secret about ____ you may not know.”

  • Photo

Smiling model, engaging photo

  • Hashtags

Hashtag procedure, beauty, specialty, location (e.g.: #breast #augmentation #boobjob #cosmetics #beauty #plasticsurgery #plastics #natural #mclean #virginia #washington #dc)

  • Link (Ideally link to Blog or Website Page)


  • Same description / link
  • Reformat photo if it doesn’t look good square
  • Add Link but it won’t be an active link
  • Use Instagram specific hashtags #instabeauty etc


  • Short form of Facebook post with hashtags in text Ex: “Top 5 Botox Secrets to Get You Looking Young” -> “#Top 5 #botox #secrets to get you looking #young
  • Link to blog post
  • Add photo

If you have any questions about social media Washington DC – ask for our Free Audit!

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