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4 Tips for Successful Event Planning | Social Media Promotion

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4 Tips for Successful Event Planning | Social Media Promotion

A successful event starts with a well-trained staff, advanced marketing and very clear goals. Are you educating? Are you selling? Based on the nature of the event, make clear goals. For example, we want to book people for appointments or sell packages. Typically there needs to be a hook for people to show up – enter to win a free consultation or special presentation.

Tip #1 Event Planning in Advance

Clear Marketing Plan (E-blast, Social Media, Online event website, etc)
RSVP List with Names, Emails and Phone Numbers

Tip #2 Promote on Social Media During the Event:

Day of Announce on Facebook – “Going Live on X at 1:00pm….”
Facebook live each speaker or a tour of the event. Keep it short about 1-5 min.
Hashtag the posts just like regular posts
Take photos (for post after event / recap) – blog post potential
Video for YouTube

Tip #3 How to Make the Event Effective

Book appointments! Sell Packages!
Always try to book appointments so discuss further
Capture emails / phone – follow up with anyone that did not book “Thank you email”
Get Referrals from Attendees

Tip #4 Post-Event Follow Up

Call people that RSVP’ed but didn’t attend and offer to book an appointment
Call people that attended, but did not book an appointment
Add attendees to your email list
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