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3 Best Tips That Top Medical Practices Can Learn From Uber

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3 Best Tips That Top Medical Practices Can Learn From Uber

Forbes recently interviewed one of the top digital Healthcare Digital strategists, Mayur Gupta, and here is what we learned for the top medical practices.

Best Digital Tips for the Top Medical Practicesuberhealth

  • Always keep your targeted consumer in mind for marketing. As marketers and healthcare providers, understanding your patients and potential patients is incredibly important. You may need to create separate marketing campaigns to recruiting existing patients to new procedures vs recruiting new patients. “The one constant is the need to really understand human behavior – both emotional and functional needs.” Driving innovative strategies in and outside of your office must benefit the consumer.
  • Never assume, use a data-driven strategy to build marketing. The principals of modern marketing rely on using data and consumer behavior in your call to action. When you use these to guide your marketing efforts, you will see results in sales. When your office seamlessly merges technology and experience planning you can inspire behavioral change. This is how you build a truly, stand out patient base and office.
  • Speed and Agility is of the upmost importance. In a market where trends change quickly, you have to be able to react quickly as an organization. Falling behind, especially during your busy season, on marketing because you are waiting for graphics or many people to approve can mean you lose money. You must streamline and consolidate marketing to move quickly with the trends.

What Can We Learn From Uber in the Healthcare Sector?

First, think about what we as consumers did without Uber and Airbnb several years ago. It was nearly impossible to contemplate technology fueling an on-demand system with price driven by supply. Other systems driving consumers into cash medical business is Groupon, LivingSocial, and ZocDoc. This digital transformation is upon the medical sector.

Who Is Typical Medical and Cosmetic Consumer?

Imagine two types of medical consumers: busy Mothers and professionals. During 9 to 5 this consumer is extremely tied up and may not be able to make appointments. In comes ZocDoc where 24 hours a day a consumer can find and make appointments with your office online. You can advertise which insurance you do or do not take.

Based on market data, he or she also buys most things online from Amazon and other retailers. Most (60%) are using mobile devices to find information, which makes having a mobile-friendly website critical. This consumer is highly dependent on technology to learn about you and your practice.

On average she will visit 4 websites to research you before calling to make an appointment. She cares about your expertise, ratings and whether other patients got great results on RealSelf than your prices. The more information you can give to a consumer, the more willing they will be to call and make an appointment. Top medical practices today rely heavily on understanding their customers.

Once she comes into your office, your job does not end. Consumers sight poor customer service in bad reviews far more often than your expertise. Most patients (40%) will seek another provider if they feel your service inadequate. Also half of those that left will return after having visited another provider.

What Is the Future of Healthcare and Technology?

Wearables – Apple Watch, FitBit and the like are collecting health data but there is not currently a way to converge the data with the provider. Cutting edge providers will learn to integrate seamlessly into their patient’s busy lives. Automating appointments, telemedicine, concierge-type services will begin to dominate over volume-based practice models.

How Do I Keep up With Changes in Technology?

Have a team in place that understands your business and the digital age. Ask today about our free audits!

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